Friday, 28 September 2012

Spanish Anti-Austerity Protest On 25th September-Action We Should Emulate.

Informative article from Reflections on a Revolution (ROAR) on the protest outside the Spanish parliament brutally attacked by riot cops. We need to bring this sort of action over here as one way to kick-start our quasi stagnant anti-austerity movement. We have the big TUC march on the 20th October but it ends at Hyde Park where yet again we will listen to a lot of hot air from Union leaders. We need to be daring because our predicament is absolutely desperate. We cannot appeal to mainstream politicians, wait around for Labour to win the next general election (as if that will do any good) and be reasonable any longer-as in Spain, social democracy, the NHS and the Welfare State is being dismantled before our very eyes to make the rich richer and the poor poorer and virtually no one in the House of Commons have come out against it. This is no extreme left exaggeration-it is happening now. So how do powerless ordinary working class people in the UK to respond? My answer is extra-parliamentary resistance and mass civil disobedience-strikes, occupations and confrontational protests linking into the everyday lives of the majority. We have to fight back otherwise the future is bleak indeed.

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