Friday, 28 September 2012

Horror of Horrors-The Lib-Dem Conference

As Greece and Spain explode once again in fury as they see their lives being destroyed to pay for the crisis caused by the bankers and other assorted criminals going under the name of global capitalism, we here in the UK have the political party conference session. Watching the Lib-Dem conference (which I have never done-I'm not a masochist) is like being kettled-a horrible combination of frustrated anger and crippling boredom. Here is a party supposedly representing liberal values and everything nice and cuddly collaborating in the most brutal and nasty right wing government in Britain ever! The bearded and 'hippy' middle-class delegates sit there and cheer on the biggest attack on the working class and the poor since Thatcher, plunging thousands into misery, poverty and homelessness. Clegg supports a further cut of £10 billion from welfare and they sit on their useless backsides and cheer!?  The last nail has been driven into the coffin of social democracy, liberalism and representative democracy by the very people who seemingly hold these values in their heart. The only logical response is utter rage-see post from the Void here, but we also desperately need a movement of resistance from below of the working class and the poor to stop this ongoing nightmare at least and usher in an alternative system at the most.

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