Sunday, 25 September 2011

Book Review of Kraken by China Mieville

A bizarrely imaginative London based extravaganza from urban fantasy writer China Mieville. Gritty and grungy like all of his work but unusually for him humour rears its clownish but macabre head. The complexity of the plot and the sometimes turgid prose can be off-putting though, for what is basically meant as an entertaining romp through the darkly magical hidden side of the city. But what an amazingly Weird imagination Mr Mieville provides!

Read the review by Thomas M. Wagner here from SF Reviews.

Saturday, 10 September 2011

DVD's From My Collection: Alien Quadrilogy Box Set: DVD 1, Alien, Directed by Ridley Scott (1979)

Added to collection on 02/09/11. One of my 100 favourite films. The clip is the extended version of the infamous chestburster scene from the film. Warning: Please do not watch if you are of a nervous disposition or have a weak stomach.

CD's From My Collection: Grails, Deep Politics

Almost Grew My Hair from Grails new album, Deep Politics. Added to collection on 03/09/11

CD's From My Collection: Chicago Soul: Electric Blues, Funk & Soul: Chess Records: The New Sound Of Chicago In The 1960's (Various Artists)

The Stereos' Stereo Freeze from Chicago Soul. (Soul Jazz Records) Added to collection on 02/09/11