Sunday, 26 June 2011

CD's From My Collection: Donovan: Sunshine Superman (Stereo Special Edition Double CD, 2011)

Sunshine Superman from Donovan's 1966 album of the same name. The stills accompanying the music are of 60's starlet Sue Lyon (Lolita, Night of the Iguana) who dated Donovan in the sixties. Added to collection on 25/06/11

Saturday, 18 June 2011

Book Review of The Knight by Gene Wolfe from SF Reviews.Net by T.M Wagner

I'm not a big fan of epic fantasy (i.e. dragons, elves, heroes, etc) but The Knight is written by Gene Wolfe, probably one of the greatest living author's of science fantasy, on a par with Michael Moorcock. The novel is complex, occasionally surreal and sometimes confusing, likely to frustrate those who want straight forward fantasy adventure, although it has all the tropes of the genre. The novel is followed by a 2nd volume, The Wizard. Read T.M Wagner's review from SF Review. Net here.

Sunday, 12 June 2011

CD's From My Collection: A Real Cool Time Revisted: Swedish Punk, Pop & Garage Rock 1982-1989

The Preachers with 'Thirtynine Steps' from double compilation CD, A Real Cool Time Revisted. Added to collection on 04/06/11

CD From My Collection: The Soft Machine: Volume Two (1969)

Thank You Pierrot Lunaire/Have You Ever Bean Green? from The Soft Machine, Volume Two. Visuals from 1968 US tour supporting The Jimi Hendrix Experience. Added to collection 29/05/2011

DVD From My Collection: Night Of The Demon, Directed by Jacques Tourneur (1957)

Added to my collection in May 2011-for more information on Night of the Demon see Wikipedia entry here.