Sunday, 5 May 2013

Books: The Accumulation Of Freedom: Writings On Anarchist Economics (Various Writers)

Many consider anarchism devoid of any specific economic analysis, an ideology built around a rigidly negative philosophy of knee-jerk anti-state and anti-authority reactions. This collection of essays tries to remedy a common misunderstanding and goes someway in putting forward anarchism as an alternative to both neo-liberalism and state regulated capitalism. All of the contributors subscribe to a broad anarchist-communist or socialist approach so the actual in-depth look at how present day capitalism works is not in anyway significantly different from the Marxists. To distinguish themselves from Marxism then the essays here mostly concentrate on anarchist strategy and tactics and how they relate to the economy, especially the crisis we are now undergoing. These strategies and tactics range from building alternative economies in the here and now, direct action involving squats, taking over public squares. land-seizures and occupied factories and workplaces as in Argentina, through to horizontal networks and federations as a way of organising on a national or international level.

For a more in-depth review read Jasmin Mujanovic in the Politics Respun website here

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