Friday, 12 April 2013


Thatcher is dead and as a consequence an outpouring of justified hatred is directed at this loathsome political figure who wrecked and destroyed so many lives. Spontaneous street parties celebrating her death have appeared in Brixton, London, Bristol and Glasgow. Tomorrow a party is arranged in Trafalgar Sq, scene of the anti-poll tax riot of 1990, which is expected to attract 3,000 people or even more. Ding-Dong, The Witch is Dead from The Wizard of Oz is reaching the top five of the charts. The Daily Mail and other right-wing rags meanwhile have launched a vicious personal attack on two teachers who are involved in the ’death parties,’ fanning the flames of all those sick to our stomachs of one of the founders of brutal neoliberal austerity and the darling of the champaigne swilling crooks of the finance sector, not forgetting the whole ruling class. To add insult to injury the British establishment are putting on a virtual state funeral with military honours costing 8 million pounds that will not look dissimilar to Winston Churchill’s!

The response of many liberal media commentators has been to come on all moral. To celebrate an old woman’s death is seen at best as very bad taste, at worst an outrage. What these mostly closeted wealthy people seem to forget is that we have been suffering under the yoke of Thatcherism for 33 years. Now because of the biggest economic disaster ever caused by the bankers, the process began by her is escalating, where such prize gains of the working class, the NHS and the Welfare State (institutions even Thatcher did not dare touch) are being dismantled. But what they fail to realise, cocooned in their privileged lifestyles as they are, is that if you suffer, you want to take it out on those who have caused your suffering if only in words. We are not saints, anger and hatred are natural responses of those who are powerless and are attacked and bullied. Thatcher has become a symbol of all we despise. Calling for her to be murdered when she was alive would have been wrong, but to celebrate her passing rather then mourning is an expression of legitimate protest against everything she believed in and the attempt of the ruling class to canonise her.

I hated Thatcher when she was alive, I hate her now when she is dead. To say otherwise is the worst form of hypocrisy! Celebrate this evil woman’s demise with all your heart and organise for the burial of the horrific social system that she helped to create. See you Saturday!

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