Sunday, 31 March 2013

Books: Germinal By Emile Zola

Emil Zola’s classic novel of brutal class war in 19th century France. A rare breed of a book, both brilliant literature combining vivid description and character study and a page turner with a savage bite. A tragedy rather then a revolutionary polemic-there are no heroes here, except the defiance and resilience of the miners, engaged in a doomed strike brought on by intolerably working conditions and starvation wages. There is a villain though, not the individual bourgeois or the Russian nihilist Souvarine or even the thuggish scab Chaval, but the capitalist system itself-a vile monster that not only feeds on the blood and sweat of the workers, but eats the corpses of its own failed capitalists to accumulate more and more profit. 

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Christopher Eccleston reads from Germinal below:

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