Sunday, 9 December 2012

Tahrir Sq-An Inspiration For Us All

Post image for In Tahrir, the beginning and end of a Pharaoh

Excellent article on the recent situation in Egypt from ROAR here: The movement for 'real democracy' centred on Tahrir Sq is an inspiration for all those struggling against corrupt power and neoliberalism, a genuine network 'counterpower' outside state structures as such, made up of the various organisations of the people (these organisations of course include liberal parties merely representing the interests of the Egyptian middle classes, calling for political change but ignoring the demands for economic justice, but they do not have a dominant role in the movement).

The latest news is that Morsi has backed away from his power grab; a victory for Tahrir Sq. The lesson here for us in depressingly passive austerity hit Britain with our own corrupt government of bankers, the rich, tax dodging corporations etc, is that all of us must somehow be part of creating our own 'counterpower' of the people. We can not rely on Labour and trade union leaders, certainly not the LIb-Dems to change anything. The pressure must come from below; resistance must be total. What was once seen as utopian has now become a necessity, giving a whole new meaning to the old May '68 slogan-Be Practical, Demand the Impossible!

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