Saturday, 6 October 2012

Thurrock Heckler: The Radical Proletarian Movement That's Needed

Issues and debates surrounding a working class political organisation are extremly important. How else are we to start a movement of radical change, that at the moment just does not exist. Thurrock Heckler takes up these issues here from a hard line class struggle anarchist position but there is a lot here that I like. Well worth a read.

"We know we're not alone in wanting a broad based, radical / revolutionary proletarian movement that's an attractive proposition to ordinary working class people – we've met a few very sound comrades who share this aspiration and more importantly, recognise the urgency of the situation. The sickening thing is that we are in all probability too late to make a start in realising our vision before the economic, political, social and geo-political crises that we face all converge to create a horrific, extremely turbulent situation where the basic aim will be mere survival. However, the realisation that we may indeed be too late should act as the spur for that one last push to break through a toxic mix of complacency and inertia and kickstart the movement we need into being."

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