Monday, 4 June 2012

CD's From My Collection: My Bloody Valentine: EP's 1988-1991 (Re-mastered)

My Bloody Valentine are a group that have become slowly over time one of my favourites. Loveless I bought the year after it came out (20 odd years ago!) and although I liked it it did not hook itself into my unconscious like similar bands of the era-Galaxie 500, Sonic Youth, Dinosaur JR or Spacemen 3 and Loop. It's a shame they only brought out two albums and these EP's.  Dreamy psychedelic melodies but shot through with dissonance-it doesn't get better then this. Also it now has the added hit of nostalgia.

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e.f. bartlam said...

They are on a very short list for me.

One of the very few bands that put out songs which I love more today than I did when they came out.

Maybe the small output is a blessing...think of all the great bands that spent a couple of years flailing around before calling it quits.

Thanks for the clips this morning.