Saturday, 5 May 2012

Book Review: Franz Kafka: The Complete Short Stories (Vintage Classics)

Portrait of Franz Kafka by R. Crumb 
This is the third time I have read The Metamorphosis, a story of a young man transformed one night into a giant insect and the resulting reaction of his family. A strange parable of alienation and isolation but also one of the saddest stories ever written. The tales collected here range from the masterfully weird and unsettling (The Judgement, In The Penal Colony, A Country Doctor, The Great Wall of China, A Report to an Academy, A Hunger Artist and of course The Metamorphosis) to the interesting but turgid (The Village Schoolmaster, Investigations Of A Dog) as well as very short pieces, sometimes only a paragraph long. Kafka is one of the masters of imaginative literature.

Read A brief Survey of the Short Story Part 13: Franz Kafka by Chris Power from The Guardian's Book Blog here. An excellent overview of Kafka's short works.

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